What Is A Casino Bonus?

Simply put, a bonus is a tactic used by online casinos to tempt new players to sign up, and make it difficult for them to leave. They offer large sums of money to new players when they start a new account. It is a type of lure that leads players into a snare. Casinos are not charities, and they do not give money away for nothing. Does it sound like I am trying to dissuade you from taking a casino bonus? I am not. I am simply laying down some basic facts. Once you manage to understand what online casino bonuses are at their core, it is a lot easier to think about them more rationally and see how useful they can actually be.

The trap that most inexperienced online casino players fall into is that they will take the bonus, play a few rounds and then decide they would rather just keep the bonus cash. Not so fast, says the casino. You can’t just sign up, grab a thousand dollars in free money and expect to walk away with it. Like I said, casinos are not charities. All bonuses come with preconditions. They have their own nuances, but they all boil down to one simple fact. If you can withdraw the bonus at all, you need to place wagers whose total equals a certain multiple of the original bonus amount. I say “if at all” because some bonuses simply can never be withdrawn. Although this sounds as though online casino bonuses are just scams, both types of bonuses are worthy of consideration. Look at the bonus that Golden Riviera will offer you.

The more common form of bonus is what is known as a deposit bonus. This means that with a cash deposit, the casino will match the amount deposited. Put in $100, and the casino will put in $100 of its own money into your account. The other type of bonus is known as a no deposit bonus. You sign up and you automatically have $1,000 in your account that you can play with. Either way, you end up with more money than you originally start with. Bonuses can typically be withdrawn after the wagering requirement is met, but many deposits can actually never be withdrawn at all. You might be asking yourself what good is this money if you can’t withdraw it?

The magic of bonuses is that any money earned using them is free of restrictions and can be withdrawn with no hassle. Customers get tripped up when they try to withdraw the bonus in addition to what they have won. Bonuses also have another, much more valuable function. They serve to increase the size of your bets with no risk to you. Bigger wagers mean bigger jackpots. If you were to wager a certain amount because of budgetary limits, the bonus can double, or triple each bet without needing to place any more money than fits the budget. This is the smartest way to use a bonus.

Of course, there does, eventually, arrive a point where players have wagered enough money that the wagering requirement is met. It is difficult to achieve, but not impossible. The key lies in choosing a casino with the most favorable wagering requirements and, unfortunately, this requires reading the fine print. Legalese is not fun for anyone, but a few minutes spent researching a bonus can pay off in a big way later on. Check out the different bonuses that different top-online casinos offer.