Live Dealer Casinos Change Everything

Online gambling is an odd little world with its own idiosyncrasies. As it continues to grow and change and adapt to new and emerging technologies, there is one thing that it never seemed to get just right: the human touch. Enter Live Dealer casinos and you have something entirely different on your hands.

Live dealer casinos should have been obvious from the beginning. The concept is such a no-brainer that it is amazing that it has taken as long as it has for it to come to fruition. This technology takes the enjoyment of the online casino to ever greater heights, but not by delivering ever more amazing 3D graphics, but instead by going analog. Live dealer casinos are a throwback to the past. They are the latest iteration of all the ill fated casino on TV systems of days gone by. The only difference is that live dealer casinos get the entire concept right, for once.

The special thing about live dealer games is that they connect the casino directly to any PC (or mobile casinos) , anywhere in the world, directly via web cams. All the action is there. The dealer is a human being, and the viewing angles are optimal. All the magic happens in real time. The player sees the card flipped the moment it is being flipped, with no delay. The table is clearly visible, as are the elements of the game. The action can be clearly and easily followed. And the dealers themselves, while being stunning (as a rule, they are hired to be astoundingly beautiful) add a warmth to the game that is simply impossible to achieve with computer graphics.

All this adds up to a level of openness that is unmatched by computer software. While anyone might have reservations playing a game in which random results are governed by machine software, being able to see things unfold with one’s own eyes renders the live dealer casino that much easier to trust. There is no way the dealer is cheating. There is a constant video stream that can be reviewed. It is all right there in front of the player. Of course, online casino software does not cheat, and there are regulations in place to ensure this, but actually seeing with one’s own eyes, really does amount to believing.

At live dealer casinos it is possible to choose the dealer. The dealer selection is highly curated to be as appealing as possible. Although it is easy to be lulled by the outside appearances of the dealers, their beauty is matched by their professionalism. These are highly trained dealers, and the standards are very rigorous. The live dealer casino is not simply authentic looking. It is the casino experience in its fullest. The only thing missing is the smoky air and the cocktails.

Of course, nothing is absolutely perfect in this world. There are certain technical limitations. The most glaring of these limitations is the seeming lack of game selection. Online casino players are used to hundreds upon hundreds of gaming options. Because live dealer casinos are real, they have space limitations. There are necessarily fewer tables because that’s a limitation imposed by the physical world. Nonetheless, all the most popular table games, like roulette and blackjck, are well represented. Furthermore, this space limitation also places a limit on how many people can get a “seat” at a table at any given moment.

Do not be dissuaded if there is no immediately available seat at the live dealer table of your choice. A bit of patience pays off in this matter. The live dealer option is absolutely the best way to play casino games online. It is revolutionary in the most unexpected of ways, and as it gains traction, it will also increase in size. It may never replace online casino software because it cannot offer the low overhead advantages of a virtual casino, but what it adds to the games is so significant that live dealer casinos are here to stay. Check out EuroPalace as a great example.