10 Things To Do Before You Sign Up To An Online Casino

There are a lot of online casinos out there to choose from and before signing up to any one of them you should follow these ten steps.

1. You Must Abide By Local Laws

It is a simple fact that online gambling is not legal everywhere. The worst thing you can do is sign up to an online casino from a country in which it is illegal to do so. This might be a moot point, because most reputable casinos will block you based on your IP address, because they do not need the headache associated with taking on illegal clients. For the more tech savvy, however, it is highly recommended you do not spoof your IP. You might still run afoul of your local laws, or even if you don’t you would have no legal recourse should anything go wrong.

2. Make Sure the Casino Is Honest

Things don’t usually go wrong if you are playing at a legitimate online casino. They can go horribly wrong, however, if you play at some no name online casino. It is not difficult to figure out whether a casino is worth your consideration or not. If an online casino is legitimate, it will display its licensing information clearly and will have links to its third party auditors.

Don’t take this information lightly. There are many dishonest casinos in the world. They are collectively known as “rogue casinos” and there is some information to be found about them online. There are lists of known rogues that you should refer to. What sets apart a rogue casino is the fact that it will do everything in its power to rob as many people as possible before shutting down and disappearing.

Research as much as possible. There are various sources ranging from blogs to official authorities where you can find out particular casinos’ backgrounds. Find out how long a particular casino has been around, which is usually a good indicator as to whether or not it is trustworthy.

3. Do A Free Trial Assessment

Most online casinos have a free to play option. The games are all completely intact in the free to play versions with the only difference being that there is no real money at stake. Many players use the free to play option for practice. It is never a bad idea to take a test drive before you commit.

Bear in mind that most legitimate online casinos have a free to play option. If you don’t see one, then most likely the casino is a rogue and they are trying to rob you. The test drive serves a very important purpose. You need to figure out whether the casino interface is to your liking. There is only one way to really be sure, and that is to give it a try.

4. Investigate Their Customer Support

Once you have identified a casino that looks legitimate, trustworthy, and to your liking, the detail work comes into play. The first aspect of detail analysis comes with customer support. Not all online casinos are created equal when it comes to customer service. Make sure there are lots of ways to get in touch and that operators are easy to reach. There should, at the very least, be a phone number and a live chat option.

It is worth a try to actually contact the casino and find out how they treat potential customers. There is a lot to be learned from how the person at the other end treats you.

5. Figure Out How Withdrawals Work

It is easy to send a casino your money, but taking it out is another matter. There needs to be a service that allows you to transfer funds back into a personal account. Usually these services take the form of e-wallet companies, such as Neteller and Paypal.

Make sure that withdrawals are easy and unemcumbered by fees and waiting periods. Your money should be easy and hassle free to withdraw.

6. Look At the Bonuses

One of the nice things about online casinos is the fact that they shower clients with money and gifts. Make sure the bonus is to your liking. Also take a look at other incentive programs they offer. Many casinos have VIP ladders that offer better and better perks to repeat clients. Another detail to look into is what the wagering requirement is for a bonus. Sometimes it is worth taking a smaller bonus if it is easier to withdraw and other times it is worth taking a bigger, but harder to withdraw, bonus because it can boost wagers. It is a matter of personal choice.

7. Check the House Advantage

Every online casino is different in this regard. Odds for every game are fine tuned and some casinos have a preference toward one type of game over another. If your thing is to play slot machines all day, then find a casino that offers better odds for slots, but if you prefer table games, find a casino that will reward table game gamblers. The information is often posted on the homepage and can be easily accessed.

8. Find Out About Privacy

This requires some further research in the accreditation pages, but it is worth finding out what kind of security is in place to keep data thieves at bay. Make sure there is an adequate data vault and that information is encrypted properly during communications and transactions.

9. Make Sure You Know How To Play

It is very simple. If you don’t know how to gamble properly, buy some books and learn. There is also a wealth of information online. There is no excuse for not knowing how to play the games the right way. These are not video games. They are games where real money is wagered. Be smart with how you bet.

10. Set Your Budget

Setting a budget is the only way to make sure you don’t go broke all at once. Decide how much disposable income you have and split it up so you have daily limits for wagers. Once you cross your limit don’t be tempted to make up losses. This is a basic gambling skill that should be second nature.